Free Server Status Checker

Want to see if your site is up or down? We've got you covered.


1) Enter the url of the domain you want to check the status for.

2) Click "Check".

3) You'll get the results in just a few seconds.  It's that easy.


A server status checker is a tool that is used to monitor the status and performance of a server. It can be used to check whether a server is online and responding to requests, as well as to monitor various performance metrics, such as the server's CPU and memory usage, network traffic, and uptime.

Server status checkers can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Monitoring the availability of a server or website
  • Detecting and diagnosing server issues or outages
  • Identifying trends and patterns in server performance over time
  • Monitoring server resources to ensure that they are being used efficiently
  • Providing alerts or notifications when there are problems with the server