Redirect www To Non-www

Redirect www To Non-www

Select redirect type:


1) Enter the domain you want to redirect in your .htaccess file.

2) Select if you would like redirect from www to non-www, or vice versa.

3) Click the "generate" button.

4) Copy and paste results into your .htaccess file and save.  

If it does not work right away clear the cache on your browser and server and refresh your site.

Why would you Redirect from www to non-www or vice versa?

Redirecting from www to non-www is beneficial for SEO. It helps to make sure that search engines are crawling and indexing the right version of the website and helps you avoid any penalty for duplicate content. Additionally, redirecting from www to non-www helps to ensure that visitors are directed to the correct version of the website.

What does www mean in the URL?

The letter combination "WWW" in a web address stands for World Wide Web. It is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet to generate what we now know to be a page on a website (among other things).

Is it better to use "www" or go without it?

Really, for SEO there is no real difference.  As long as you pick one and stick with it you'll be fine.  Some people argue that removing "www" makes the URL shorter and easier to type on mobile devices, but really if your users are that lazy you have worse problems than adding "www" to your URL.