Hippo Team Extraordinaire

All hippos are a amazing. Some are just more amazing than others. Meet our team.

R.B. Hippo


R.B. is just like every other hippo you know who was born in the Phillipines, grew up in Turkey, is from the US but lives in Mexico. Before going into business for himself he worked as a Hipprogramer for companies around the world.

J.T. Potamus


J.T. brings a whole bunch of technical and AI knowledge to Backlink Hippo. He has worked in tech both in universities like MIT and in Silicon Valley startups. He is actually the world leading hippo expert on AI. His favorite thing in the world is a good night sleep.

B.B. Hip


B.B. (pronounced Bey Bee) helps keep all the team here at hippo soft motivated everyday to keep working. But she is no slouch, if she sees anybody slacking off or having one too many watermellons she is quick to get them back to work with a decisive screech!