Backlink Hippo

We hippos like things simple. Simple baths in rivers, simple meals of watermelons and being able to do SEO link prospecting in just 2 clicks.

Want to see how the latter works? Watch this simple video.

Baby Hippo


  • 1000 credits
  • $0.09 per credit over
  • 1 campaign at a time
  • Help center access
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Adult Hippo


  • 2,500 credits
  • $0.07 per credit over
  • 3 campaign at a time
  • Help center access
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Hungry Hungry Hippo


  • 5,000 credits
  • $0.05 per credit over
  • 10 campaign at a time
  • Help center access
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Frequently Asked "Cost" Questions

It gets you credits. That's a silly question.

But I guess you mean how do your credits get spent when you're running campaigns for prospecting backlinks. That, is not actually a bad question.

So here's the answer:

1) You get charged 1 credit for each URL we bring back from the SERP search. You can pick between 1 and 100 SERP positions for us to bring back.
2) You get charged 1 credit for every backlink we find for each URL.
3) You get charged 1 credit for every contact email we find.
4) You get charged 1 credit for every contact email we verify.
So, for every email we find and get a verification score for you, costs 4 credits.

If we check URLs and find no emails, we won't charge you any credit for checking

The social media links we find, those are free! Yes, hippos are generous.

It is almost impossible to guess exactly how many credits each campaign will use, even if you are incredibly smart like a hippo.

But don't worry you're link prospecting campaigns won't end. You will just be charged for the additional credits based on the plan you are signed up for.

Why would you want one? You can never have enough hippo!

Ok, we don't actually refund for any months that you pay, but you can cancel at any time and your account will stay open until the end of the month and you won't get billed any more.

We understand. Everybody wants more hippo.

If you need more than 10 accounts, you can contact us about our agency dashboard. If you need less, you can create individual acocunts with your email and the "+" sign to create more than one.

For example:

Then when you grow to 10 or more accounts let us know and we can move all of them over to an agency account for you.

Why we're so glad asked

All the email scraping for email prospecting starts with keywords. Let's say "why are hippos so smart?". Imagine this is what you would type in to a Google search.

What we do is we then get all the search results for that keyword (based on location, the number of SERP results you want, etc) to get the SERP results, all the backlinks to the SERP results and then the emails of the people who own those domains.

That entire process is what we call a campaign.

Depending on the parameters you tell us to scrape and the number of backlinks going to the keyword results you choose, this process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

Don't worry, you don't have to sit around for our hippo scrapers to finish. We'll email you when we're done!

I am glad you asked my young calf.

Let's say that you want to run get a prospect list for the keywords "Hippos are amazing", "How can I be more like hippos?" and "are hippos really the smartest animals in the world". Great keywords!

So what woudld happen?

If you were on our Baby Hippo plan. We would run the campaign for "Hippos are amazing" first. When it is done, we would run "How can I be more like hippos?" and finally we would run "are hippos really the smartest animals in the world". So it would take longer.

If you were on our Adult or Hungry Hungry plans, we would run all tree of the campaigns at the same time.

So if you want to run a lot of campaigns, and get them done faster then you should go for the bigger - pun intended - hippo plan.

We understand the desire.

We are after all the pinnacle of evolution. Not only are we all born geniuses, we're also indubidably the most physically attractive creatures on land or sea.

That's not even mentioning our abilities in SEO, programming and link building!

Sadly, there is very little you can do to join us. You're either born a hippo or you are not. But, using Backlink Hippo may help you get part of the way there!