Link Prospecting
Made Simple

We hippos like things simple. Simple baths in rivers, simple meals of watermelons and being able to do SEO link prospecting in simply 2 clicks.

Want to see how the latter works? Watch this simple video.

Link Prospecting Comparison


Ya, this is BOOORING and takes forever.

  • Run a search on Google to find top results for keyword.
  • Copy the links of the relevent top results.
  • Run those links through an SEO software like or [which is expensive]
  • Get all the thousands of backlinks and download them.
  • Run them through an email scraping software like [also expensive]
  • Get the email list.
  • Pay more to get the emails validated. [Mo money, mo money]
  • Done.

You have your link prospecting list and it probably took you all day and cost you over $300 US in software!

With Backlink Hippo

The fun and simple way.

  • Enter the keyword you want to build links for and click start.
  • Confirm the information you want to scrape.
  • Go play with your favorite hippo in the park while waiting for an email letting you know we're done.
  • Honk! You have your link prospecting list!

You got it all done in less than 10 minutes of work for you, and for less than the price of any 1 of the softwares you use for the manual process!

Frequently Asked Questions


We know how you feel. We'd never buy a watermelon without trying a dozen from the same batch first. So we don't expect you to sign up for our amazing link prospecting software without trying it first.

Just click here and to sign up be amazed by our hippo-tastic software! If you don't love it, we'll refund your subscription fee right away.

Honk yes!

Backlink Hippo is perfect for this. If you're any good at skyscrapper link building it means you did your SEO keyword research before creating your amazing piece of skycrapper content.

That means all you have to do is enter those same keywords, delimited by a comma, in the Backlink Hippo wizard and click go.

We'll then go out and get all the top 10-100 results from Google for those keywords.

You can then choose to filter the results you want us to get the backlinks and email for.

After that, you just click start and you're done!

Once our army of baby hippos gets all the backlinks, emails and social media accounts it can find we'll email you so you can download the results in an easy to use CSV file.


Are you honking kinding? Of course!

Don't you hate it when you create the greatest bit of content in the world (probably about hippos) but Google does not give it any love?

You're amazing article is nowhere to be found in Google... the organic traffic is zero.

But have no fear, we are hear to help all you amazing hippo content creators (and the rest of you boring ones who don't create hippo related content as well).

With Backlink Hippo you just have to enter the keywords you optimized your blog content for and we'll build your prospect list while you are working on your next great work.

Just sit back and we'll email you when we're done!

Yes, we know that this should not be in the FAQ since there is a big "Price" link in the header of our website. But not everybody is as smart as you, and we get this question many times a day so we added it here as well.

Are we going to tell you here?

Of course not! Didn't you read the first line, there is a link at the top of the page... ok, we know that can be a long way to scroll, so you can see the costs by clicking here as well.

Our Hipprogrammers are working on our agency dashboard now. If you are interested in being part of beta group of agencies - where you get big discounts - then just contact us and we'll add you to our wait list.

While you wait, you can keep entertained by playing our favorite game.

You should be thankful that our ambitions are not more than running this website.

It is scientifically proven by our best hippo scientists that hippo's are the pinnicle of evolution on this planet. If we wanted to we could topple the world order and rule you monkeys as benevolent overlords.

But don't test us!

We like things simple.

And honestly, what would you prefer? That we spend our admittedly enormous hippo IQs making a website look pretty, or would you rather we spent it making something that works and saves you oodles of time when prospecting links for you or your clients?